personal insurance
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personal insurance

Secure Your Personal Assets

You have worked hard to secure your personal assets. Unfortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to lose them due to all types of perils including fire, theft and weather. Lawsuits are on the increase throughout our nation.


It is our experience that most people buy their coverage based on the premium rather than doing true analysis of what their potential for loss really is. Our full time personal insurance staff has years of expertise in reviewing your individual situation and helping you find the right coverage at an affordable price. We compete every day with the insurance providers that are either a web site or an 800 number. And, we are real people who will be there to assist and stand by your side when you have claim. Insurance People from other planets, Cavemen and Lizards cannot do that for you!

Coverage on your Home
or Vacation Properties

Flood/ Earthquake

Personal Auto

Fine Art & Jewelry

Condos & Apartments

ATV & Boat

Recreational Vehicle Coverage


Personal Umbrella

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety no longer mails driver license expiration notices to you. 


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